Wednesday, November 5, 2008

44th President

I set my alarm early for Tuesday morning, so that I could stop to vote on my way into the office. I got to the school and jumped in line at 7:30 am. The voting was taking place in the school gym and I was number 9 in line to get into the gym to vote. To my surprise I stood in line for an hour!! People were leaving the gym, but they would not let anyone else in to vote. Apparently the lines got very long inside the gym and were interfering with the voting areas. Eventually, I got in and placed my vote, I was number 184 for my precinct. AC & I had dentist appointments in the evening. He voted during my appt and it took him only 20 minutes! I am happy to see that America has voted the first African American as our 44th President, history has been made.
Tiger did good at the vet. He cries on the way there and in the office, but is pretty quiet on the way home. His allergies are bothering him more and the Doctor said that is why he was chewing the hair out of his paw. He got a steroid shot and is already healing nicely. Last night he was sitting in the chair licking the paw area and I was calling his name so he would stop. He ignored me, so I went and picked him up. Eventually he went back to the chair and would sneak licking his paw when I was pretending not to look. I would call his name and he would look at me as to say, "What?? I wasn't doing anything."


toners said...

So glad to hear that Tiger is better :) It's always best with that kind of thing to get it checked out sooner rather than later.