Thursday, November 6, 2008

Sister Dinner

My sisters came over for dinner last night. AC made a fabulous dinner of fettucini alfredo & garlic bread. It was better than any restaurant food! I am lucky he likes to cook and is so good at it. Growing up AC's mom (a vegetarian) only cooked Indian food, so if the men in the house wanted something else, they had to cook it. I always hate looking in the kitchen after he cooks, because everything is a huge mess, but worth it. It was so nice visiting with the girls. Ashley is a senior this year and Emily a junior. I can't believe how fast they grow up! College applications already!

Tiger's doctor called me this morning to see how he is doing. My doctor never calls me to see how I am feeling a few days later! I think that she is a great vet.

On Saturday evening AC is having poker at our house, I have to find something to do so I am not stuck at home. However, I could just shut the door in the scrapbook room and scrap all night.

So happy tomorrow is Friday:) Have a good night.


Anonymous said...

Talk about good doctors/vets! i went to a school of traditional chinese medicine a few days ago and the practicioner spent 2 hours with me, including an acupuncture treatment. I don't think I've seen any doctor for more than 10 minutes - unless you count waiting forever in a cold room wearing a paper gown! Sounds like things are going well. What a great month with Halloween, election, and Thanksgiving! Lisa

Linda said...

Our vet is like that too and our pediatrician has called to check up on my dd when she was really sick. My drs never call to check up on me. Hope you had a nice weekend.

toners said...

A good vet is hard to find - so glad that you have a great one who goes the extra mile :)