Monday, November 3, 2008

Vet Appt

On Friday I passed out candy. I realize that you can't let the children pick the candy out of the bowl. For one, picking for some children is quite an event because they really have to think about what they want and of course there are children who pick up as much as they can get in one hand. Cute kids, but this little monster was by far the cutest... This is TJ, my friend Anita's son.Anita & Jason came over for dinner on Friday. It was a fun evening. On Saturday AC went golfing and I did laundry & errands. In the evening we went out for dinner with Amit. AC & Amit really like wine, so they bought a bottle with dinner. As we were leaving AC asked about purchasing the wine because he enjoyed it so much. So they charged us $31 for the bottle with dinner. It was $8 after dinner, so we got 4 bottles for the price of the one at dinner!! Sunday was another lazy day. We met my in-laws for dinner at Olive Garden in the evening. I finished some layouts that needed a few final touches, then scanned them all.
Tiger has to go to the vet tonight. He got his paw wet and litter stuck to it, then in order to get it clean he ripped out all of the hair between his 2 back claws. I did not see a thing until he had pulled all of the hair out. He is still acting normal, but we decided to take him in rather then it turn into a bigger problem later. The most traumatic event will be the trip to the vet. He shakes and gets in the farthest possible spot in his carrier, so we have to take it completely apart in order to get him out. He does not enjoy these trips at all. I have to go into the house and to the basement to get the carrier and then go upstairs grab him and put him in the carrier before he sees it.
Have a good night and don't forget to vote tomorrow!


Michelle said...

AAWWEE. what a cute monster.
I hope your kitty is alright.

Linda said...

He is a cutie! I hope you cat had a safe trip to the vet. I'm taking mine times! :)

toners said...

Cats just sense the upcoming trips to the vet! I'm sure of it!