Monday, November 10, 2008


It's Here! Snow... It is 34 degrees today and feeling chilly. Hopefully it won't stick but either way it is just a matter of time before we have to get the snow blower out.

I got a call on Friday with some bad news... My husband got laid off. It is such scary times in Michigan now. The automobile industry is falling apart as we speak and the economy is in the tank. The company that AC was working for lost a couple big programs in the last month, so naturally they need to cut back on employees. He has been making calls and updating his resume. Hopefully he will find something soon. It helps that he is willing to travel.
The news put a damper on the weekend, but we still went to a birthday party for my friend Anita on Friday night. AC had poker on Saturday at our house. I went to the mall with Amit (brother-in-law) to help him buy clothes. He only shops every 5 years for clothes, so he got a bunch of stuff. Since Mom works for Macy's we just shopped there. That was pretty exhausting. He is funny because he wanted dress pants with pleats and cuffs at the bottom. You know the stuff you bought 5+ years ago. Since everyone now wears flat front pants I encouraged the change. Hopefully he wears them!
On Sunday we cleaned and did laundry. Not much else is going on. Tiger's paw is healing nicely and Cupcake is now jumping onto our dresser at night. She then proceeds to tear any paper that may be up there. Then walks from the dresser onto the tv, the tv squeaks and creaks from her walking on it. It is an older heavy tv and she can't knock it down, so we just yell at her to get down, but of course we have to actually act like we are going to get up in order for her to actually jump down.
Since I have already paid for November & December's sketch club, I am going tomorrow night. Looking forward to that. I also have already paid for my scrapbooking weekend getaway, which is coming up Thanksgiving weekend. One income will certainly make me use my scrapbooking supplies on-hand, which is a good thing.
Have a great week!


Benita said...

{{{Darcey}}} I'm so sorry to hear about your dh's job :( I hope he's able to find something real quick!

I'm very scared about my husband's job right now....just basically living one day at a time cause that's all we can do :(

I'm also using up a lot of my scrapbook stash lately & not buying much of anything.

Have fun at your sketch club :)

toners said...

Oh, Darcey, that's awful!! I'm so sorry! Sending you (((hugs)))