Monday, November 17, 2008

Your Own Font!

I have been participating in the "Stories at Hand" class by Jessica Sprague this past week. Jessica is a brilliant Photoshop/Computer Chick. She makes very cool stuff. See her blog:

While visiting the forum for the class, someone posted a cool website! At this website you can make your own font in minutes. Just print the form, scan it, upload it and presto chango your handwriting is a font!! Check it out here: I made my font and it looked like a second grader wrote it, so you won't find me using it!

I really like the idea of your own handwriting font, so that you can preserve your handwriting and years from now people can see how you wrote, but if your like me, you don't want them to see!

We had a good weekend. AC & Amit went to see the new James Bond movie - they were both disappointed, no cool gadgets, more questions raised without any answers.

AC's mom makes food for AC's brother that is in college and takes it to him, so he doesn't have to cook too much. Yesterday she called us and wanted us to come and get some food, because there is no way they could eat it all. We picked up lasagna, fettuccini alfredo w/ chicken, Orzo pasta, and butter chicken. She spent all afternoon on Saturday and early Sunday morning cooking. Since I love cooking, this works out great for us:)
Have a great week!


Sarah C. said...

Ack! I signed up for the Stories class, but have completely forgotten about it due to being sick last week. Hopefully I'll remember to take a peek tonight and just start late. Oh, well.

That font site looks cool. I'll definitely check it out. :) Thanks for sharing the link! Oh, and YUM! that list of dinners from AC's mom sounds so good!

toners said...

Sounds like a fun class! And a tasty set of meals!! :)