Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Bachelor

Not much new here. AC played poker on Friday night, so I spent time getting photos & paper together for my 12 hour crop on Saturday. I had a good time. I got about 5 2-page(12x12) layouts done. I think this was a record! I also went home at 9 pm, so in 11 hours I did that. I have to go back through the layout and add journaling along with a few embellishments, hopefully I will get to that this week. It was really cold on Sunday, so we stayed in all day.

Last night I watched the Bachelor, for some reason I am hooked on that show. I haven't watched that show since the first one a few years back. I came across it this season and now I have to watch it. It helps that the Bachelor (Jason) is cute and seems to be a great guy. Some of the women are crazy, well maybe most of the women.
I am keeping up to date with my project 365. Not sure what the photo will be of today, but it is early. AC has the first coat of paint on the bathroom walls, he is hoping to do coat #2 today. Last night I did the dishes and when I looked under the kitchen sink to get something I noticed that there was an inch of water in the cabinet. One of the pipes under the sink came apart from another pipe. I got everything out of there and cleaned up all the water then AC got home and checked it all out. Luckily it was an easy fix. We ran a fan in the wet area so that today we can put everything back. I needed to clean under there anyway:) Have a good week!