Wednesday, January 7, 2009

New Mouse Toy

I have been taking daily photos, however today it is hard to pick just one!

Our little Cupcake loves this new toy. It is a mouse on a piece of elastic that hooks to a plastic device that hangs over the door.

She really isn't that little anymore.


Sarah C. said...

We've had one of those for years. I've had to replace the mouse on it numerous times and the cats still enjoy it. Definitely a great toy! Looks like Cupcake agrees. :)

toners said...

LOL!! This one looks like lots of fun. Does it hold Cupcake's attention for a long time?

Benita said...

LOL....cute pictures! Looks like she loves her new toy :)

Linda said...

So cute, Cupcake looks like she is having a great time with her new toy.